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'SECONDS' SALE: The Windsor Bag (WHITE)

Designer: Prene Bags

$ 35.00 AUD $ 129.95 AUD

We are very exact in our standards here at Prene, and occasionally we come across some pieces or uncover old stock that does not meet our requirements. We know that we have some customers who are happy to fall in love with an imperfect bag at a heavily discounted rate.

What is a ‘SECOND’?
A bag that has been heavily discounted due to it being FAULTY in some way. This bag is NOT eligible for return/refund/repair/replacement.

Please note it is impossible for us to list every individual fault or possible issue with each item - each bag will differ - however we have listed some examples below of what to expect.

A ‘SECOND’ MAY have any of the following faults:
- Handles which may be weaker than our regular standards
- Slight stains/marks acquired during manufacturing process (all bags are brand new)
- Slight colour difference
- Creases/folds/indentations on bag
- Weak/faulty buttons
- Weak/faulty eyelets
- Weak/faulty zips
- Missing stitches
- Loose fabric
- Other similar flaws

All bags still LOOK great overall, however it may be that they require some maintenance, repairs, or that they may simply deteriorate or not last as well as our regular standard of bags. We are constantly asked if we have any ‘SECONDS’ available as previous customers have been so thrilled with the value of this sale. If you love a bargain - you will be extremely happy! If this doesn’t sound like you - not to worry - please purchase from the full priced section of our website.

By purchasing a ‘SECOND’ I understand that this bag has been sold at a heavily discounted rate due to it being FAULTY in some way. I have read and acknowledged the product description above and understand that this bag is NOT eligible for return/refund/repair/replacement.

Made from polyester "puffer" material.
Bag includes a removable base board and lined with zip pockets inside.
Press studs on ends of bag + magnetic clasp in middle of bag to close it.
Measures approx: L 42cm x W 14CM x H 35cm.
Machine washable (cool wash).