The Perfect Slick Back Pony

The Perfect Slick Back Pony

A simple, step by step guide, to achieve the perfect slick back pony.

Getting the effortlessly slick model style ponytail is many things. Stylish, chic, fashion forward - but one thing it is not, is effortless.

Getting your pony to be as slick as Rick should be listed as an official endurance sport. 

By the time you’ve wrangled your locks into one neat pulled back style at the perfect height with zero fly always, you’ve just about completed an arm workout, as well as set yourself up for needing a second shower.

The team at Prene are very partial to the slick look. Whilst covering the signs of dirty hair and also removing the wind factor as a threat, we have to say it does look good and deserves the title of 2022’s signature style.

So, we have tried and tested all the tips and tricks and we bring to you – a simple, step by step guide to achieve the perfect slick back pony.

  1. Step one to getting this sharp and sleek style is straightening your hair from roots to ends.
  2. Place a generous amount of gel in your palm, rub your hands gently together and begin to comb the roots of your hair with your hands in the direction the hair will go when the ponytail is secured.
  3. Using a smoothing brush, tame down any fly aways and smooth the hair into a ponytail to the height of your desire (do not secure with hair tie yet.)
  4. Once you have the hair secured in your hand, use the fine-tooth side of your comb to brush back over the entire head.
  5. Once you achieve a level of sleekness that you desire, secure the hair tie.
  6. Take a small section of hair and wrap around the base of the ponytail, covering the elastic. Secure this with a bobby pin.