Colour Blocking

Colour Blocking

A class on colour blocking. Starting with, what the hell it is.

When it comes to fashion, trends come and go. Some you might be glad you missed the boat on, while others you’ve ingrained into your fashion DNA.  

One that we’re loving and have zero intention of giving the flick to? Colour blocking.

Not familiar with the term? Let us enlighten you.

Colour blocking is the wonderful art of embracing clashing colours that are often considered contradictory, to make for a statement look. Colour blocking is all about pairing together unlikely hues and finding perfection in contrast.

Essentially, the rule book goes out the window when it comes to learning how to colour block.

Remember the old saying “Red and green should never be seen?”, say nighty night to that notion.

Colour blocking has allowed designers to experiment and rebel against traditional style standards, showing their creativity and uniqueness through bold design.

Need some inspiration on where to start? Feast your eyes on our collection of the chicest colour blocking looks here.