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Personal / Bag Alarm Keyring (WHITE)


Designer: Prene Bags

$ 14.95 AUD

A must-have for every bag. This compact keyring + extremely bright LED torch is designed to make a loud, ear-piercing sound when activated to quickly draw attention to yourself or create a potential distraction in a threatening situation. Using the element of surprise, this is a very simple and practical safety device offering benefit to all ages - perhaps you go running in the dark, have a child who walks to school alone, an elderly parent, or you want to protect your bag against opportunistic Prene-thieves.

Quick and easy to use in emergencies - simply pull the pin to activate the alarm sound. To turn the alarm sound off, the pin needs to be returned to the hole. To use the torch, simply press the small button on the front of the device. Battery included.

Prene Bags. The Perforated Neoprene Bag.

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